The SCR Horizon from Mares

Discover the new semi-closed rebreather from Mares

Prepare for a thrilling and exciting diving experience with the SCR Horizon – a semi-closed rebreather that offers ground-breaking improvements to extend your dives.

What is the SCR Horizon

When you breathe, only about 5% of the oxygen in the air is utilized. However, when using rebreathers, the exhaled air's oxygen is kept in circulation and not released into the environment like conventional devices. This enables divers to maximize the efficiency of the oxygen they carry underwater and prolong their diving time, even when using smaller scuba tanks.

The principle of the rebreather system rests on a range of factors, one of which is the removal of carbon dioxide, a by-product of breathing, from exhaled air through a chemical process in the breathing lime. The resultant warm and moist air greatly enhances the ease of breathing. Additionally, the technology of breathing regulators is not required, and the system guarantees unencumbered and natural breathing without resistance.

In a rebreather, the exhaled air is reused by adding oxygen and purifying the carbon dioxide. This has the advantage that the amount of air released into the environment is minimized. The air is not expelled continuously, but only every four to six breaths, depending on various factors such as your individual settings, the depth of your breathing and the gases you are carrying. In addition, with semi-closed rebreathers, the air is released at the back of the device and not in front of the user's face, which is less disruptive compared to conventional regulators.
To begin training with the SCR Horizon, 24 confirmed dives as well as Nitrox and deep diving certificates from an internationally recognized diving organization are required. In addition, SSI offers an introductory program for those who have only completed 12 certified dives.
Mares has always made sure that the SCR Horizon does not exceed a low empty weight of 12 kg, so that you can easily take the equipment with you on your dive vacation and better comply with airline regulations.
Nitrox cylinders are now readily available in many reputable dive destinations around the world, reducing the limitations of using the SCR Horizon compared to closed circuit units. Nevertheless, it is important to check the availability of the recommended tank capacities in order to guarantee a pleasant dive.
The SCR Horizon demonstrates the impressive sense of style and innovation that is generally attributed to Italian designers. Its elegant and sophisticated appearance as well as its impressive swimming position during the dive are proof of this. Its streamlined design, which is achieved by separating the breathing lime bottles, ensures minimal resistance even in difficult currents.
The Mares SCR Horizon is a hybrid rebreather that combines a constant air supply with an electronic oxygen supply to ensure that the user is always adequately supplied with oxygen. In emergencies, the electronic control system is designed to open all valves to start maximum air supply to ensure the safety of the user.
Assembling the SCR Horizon is a straightforward process that is supported by a list from SSI that guides you through the preparation and assembly steps. The device settings are clear and easy to understand with the integrated controller. The device also performs a "pre-jum check", in which the controller carries out a self-check before it starts up the device. If problems occur during this test, the device will remain locked until the problems have been resolved.

What is the SCR Horizon

The SCR Horizon is an innovative semi-closed rebreather from Mares that is based on proven REVO technology and offers recreational divers a safe and uncomplicated method of extending bottom time with nitrox mixtures. By implementing several new features, the SCR Horizon offers a safe rebreather experience for recreational divers without having to make the leap to technical diving.
SCR Horizon by Mares

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If the experience of diving with a rebreather has always piqued your interest, the opportunity to finally fulfill that desire has presented itself. After only 12 confirmed dives, the Horizon from Mares can be tested.


The course, which teaches you everything about the Mares rebreather, allows you to dive with limited decompression to a depth of 40 meters after successful completion.