SSI SCR Horizon Certification

SCR Horizon

Discover a unique underwater adventure in Bali like never before with Mares’ innovative semi-closed rebreather, the SCR Horizon. This rebreather is designed for user-friendliness and requires only moderate requirements to start the training. Divers who have done at least 24 dives and have Nitrox and deep diving certifications can use this rebreather to start their dive adventures. They greatly benefit from the advantages of breathing more easily, diving for a longer duration, and experiencing a more tranquil diving experience with fewer air bubbles. In our course, you will learn how to operate the SCR Horizon safely for no-decompression dives at depths of up to 30 meters. During the course, we will guide you through the functionality of the device and demonstrate the correct mounting technique. We will also review the fundamental concepts covered in the Nitrox, Deep Diver, and Open Water Diver courses, and apply this knowledge to the Horizon.

During the pool training sessions, you will gain hands-on experience with the rebreather and practice essential skills required for open water dives. Four meticulously planned dives to a depth of 30 meters will assess your proficiency in real-life scenarios and prepare you for future dives. Although the training is intensive, there is also ample opportunity to savor the diving experience. The course concludes with an 80-question exam that certifies you to use the rebreather for no-decompression dives up to 30 meters.




Diving Instructor



SCR Horizon

790 pro Person
  • Dauer 3 - 4 Tage
  • 4 Tauchgänge inklusive
  • Der SSI SCR Horizon Kurs bietet ein umfassendes Training zur sicheren Durchführung von Nullzeittauchgängen bis zu einer Tiefe von 30 Metern mit dem Mares Rebreather.
Ricardo Zertifikation Award
Ricardo Thom SSI Instructor Trainer

Ricardo Thom

SSI Instructor Trainer &
SCR Horizon Trainer
Instructor since 2007 with a focus on professional training programs and rebreather training at SCR Horizon. Languages: German and English
Ricardo SSI Award

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