Diver at the statue in the Coral Garden in the dive package MIDI

Dive Package MIDI

Indulge in the ultimate diving vacation in Bali with the dive package MIDI. Enjoy the magic of Bali as you relax in the comfort of our cozy bungalows for two weeks, which come inclusive with breakfast, unlimited Wi-Fi, and drinking water. You’ll also enjoy a compact diving package that lets you explore the stunning underwater world of Tulamben Bay with eight days of unlimited diving.

We have included fixed expenses for a wooden boat and van to ensure that you maximize your diving experience. A day trip to the neighboring Amed diving region allows for the enjoyment of two dives. Moreover, our boat excursion to Nusa Penida’s Manta Point promises a unique and unforgettable experience that adds an exceptional touch to your diving vacation.

As part of your two-week package, you’ll also have the chance to join our sightseeing tour to Kintamani’s volcanic area and choose a tour from an array of exciting activities like rafting or rice trekking. Our package ensures a hassle-free arrival and departure with an airport transfer that comes with a driver.

Services of the Dive Package MIDI

Option A
995 per Person
  • Bungalow Homestay
  • Own Equipment
Nitrox Incl.
Option B
1180 per Person
  • Bungalow Homestay
  • Rental Equipment included.
Nitrox Incl.
Option C
1095 per Person
  • Bungalow Resort
  • Own Equipment
Nitrox Incl.
Option D
1250 per Person
  • Bungalow Resort
  • Rental Equipment included.
Nitrox Incl.
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Our quoted prices are based on double occupancy of the bungalows. For pricing inquiries on single occupancy, please utilize our contact form. We retain the right to make price adjustments on short notice in the event of significant changes in exchange rates.

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Recommended Activities & Courses

Rice Field

Rice field trekking in Bali is a popular activity where you can explore the beautiful rice terrace fields.



Being an SSI Independent Diver provides you with the flexibility to tailor your diving adventure to your preferences.