SSI buoyancy control in perfect buoyancy certification

Perfect Buoyancy

Good buoyancy control is a fundamental part of diving and the foundation for all diving activities. It can positively impact your air consumption and overall well-being underwater, while also protecting the environment through perfect balance and control of your swimming position. Our course offers customized exercises to train this essential skill to perfection. We will also explore the theoretical and physical principles of buoyancy control to enhance your understanding of this subject. During the dives, you will be able to effectively apply these newly acquired skills in the swim-throughs of the Liberty Wreck. This course provides a valuable opportunity to broaden your diving experience and comes highly recommended by us.




Diving Instructor



Perfect Buoyancy

175 per Person
  • Duration 1 day
  • 2 dives included
  • Developing good buoyancy control is crucial for every diver. Our course aims to enhance this skill through practical exercises and theoretical knowledge.
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