SSI Navigation Certification


A thorough understanding of the fundamentals of navigation is essential for being a safe and responsible diver. Adhering to proper navigational techniques is essential for divers to safely explore underwater environments, all the while minimizing their impact on the ecosystem. The specialty course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to navigate correctly, by providing two dives that demonstrate different navigation methods. These methods of navigation include compass navigation, natural navigation, distance estimation, and route planning. You will also develop the skills to take detours from a predetermined course and find your way back to a designated point. Mastering these techniques is critical to creating a successful dive plan and a prerequisite for the SSI Dive Guide course. The specialty “Navigation” allows you to improve your diving skills by enhancing your ability to perceive the underwater environment, thus giving you a more intense and enjoyable diving experience.




Diving Instructor




175 per Person
  • Duration 1 day
  • 2 dives included
  • Master the art of underwater navigation in the specialty course "Navigation" and learn how to effectively utilize the diving compass and natural navigation techniques in 2 dives.
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