SSI Extended Range Horizon

The Mares semi-closed rebreather boasts a considerable advantage in terms of air consumption when compared to a conventional regulator. This advantage serves as an ideal foundation for exceeding the restrictive no-decompression limit and enhancing our diving encounters with decompression diving. With a simple upgrade of the “no-deco version” of the SCR Horizon, divers can bring along an additional “deco tank” on their dives. This enables them to carry an abundant supply of air in the form of a second, more enriched nitrox mix, facilitating and expediting the necessary decompression stops.

This course presents an extensive programme that seamlessly integrates the SCR Horizon course with supplementary training, empowering divers to confidently and securely execute decompression dives with the SCR Horizon. The course covers detailed theory regarding the equipment, including the “deco tank”, its operational mechanisms, construction, and handling. Divers also receive a comprehensive review of decompression theory, oxygen saturation, and other pivotal diving topics. The final section in the theory segment delves deep into decompression dives, particularly focusing on planning and calculating air consumption.

Taucherin mit einem SCR Horizon von Mares
XR SCR Horizon Zertifikation von SSI
SCR Horizon Taucher in der Bucht von Tulamben auf Bali
XR SCR Horizon certification from SSI
The Training begin with a pool training session to familiarise you with using a rebreather while diving. You will learn how to safely handle the device and react appropriately in emergency situations underwater. Our course also includes specialised exercises aimed at ensuring the proper use of the “deco tank”. The open water training consists of six dives, each requiring at least one hour of diving time to be considered a training dive. During these dives, we practise the exercises from the pool to assess, evaluate, and reinforce these skills in real-life conditions. The first four dives focus on utilising a rebreather at depths no deeper than 30 metres and within the no-decompression limit. The final two dives concentrate on exceeding the no-decompression limit and teach essential planning and ascent techniques for a safe return to the surface.

Once we complete the training, your knowledge of using the SCR Horizon for decompression dives will be put to the test in a challenging 100-question exam. If you successfully pass the exam, we will immediately grant you the SSI certification, allowing you to conduct decompression dives with the SCR Horizon and greatly enhance your diving experiences.

What is the Horizon?



SSI Extended Range

1100 per Person
  • Duration 4-5 days
  • 6 dives included
  • Experience the ultimate freedom of diving with the SSI SCR Extended Range programme. Unlock the potential of the semi-closed rebreather Horizon from Mares and venture to depths up to 40 metres, surpassing the no-decompression limit.
Ricardo Zertifikation Award
Ricardo Thom SSI Instructor Trainer

Ricardo Thom

SSI Instructor Trainer &
SCR Horizon Trainer
Instructor since 2007 with a focus on professional training programs and rebreather training at SCR Horizon. Languages: German and English
Ricardo SSI Award

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