Diver meets turtle in the MAXI dive package

Dive Package MAXI

Immerse yourself in our three-week dive package MAXI that promises the ultimate diving adventure. Explore stunning underwater landscapes, indulge in tranquil relaxation in Bali, and experience the vibrant Balinese culture up close.
Experience 12 complete days of diving with access to all dive sites in the breathtaking region around Tulamben. Dive to your heart’s content at world-famous sites such as the Liberty Wreck, Coral Garden, and Drop Off. Our exclusive package includes the cost of a local wooden boat and our dive bus, allowing you to discover other fascinating places like the macro paradise of Seraya or Melasti. Alongside unlimited diving in Tulamben, the Maxi diving package features three unforgettable diving tours. Visit the famous Manta Point near Nusa Penida, explore the beautiful islands near Candi Dasa, and dive among vibrant coral reefs near Amed.
During the remaining days of your visit, immerse yourself in Balinese culture with two different day tours that take you through various regions of Bali. Dive into the rich culture and fascinating ambiance of the island. Additionally, on another day, we provide a range of special activities from our tour program such as rafting, trekking, or a traditional Balinese cooking school. You are free to choose any of these activities to enhance your Bali experience. Of course, airport transfers for your arrival and departure are included in this package so that your trip starts and ends seamlessly and stress-free.

Services of the Dive Package MAXI

Option A
1510 per Person
  • Bungalow Homestay
  • Own Equipment
Nitrox Incl.
Option B
1800 per Person
  • Bungalow Homestay
  • Rental Equipment included.
Nitrox Incl.
Option C
1585 per Person
  • Bungalow Resort
  • Own Equipment
Nitrox Incl.
Option D
1915 per Person
  • Bungalow Resort
  • Rental Equipment included.
Nitrox Incl.
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Our quoted prices are based on double occupancy of the bungalows. For pricing inquiries on single occupancy, please utilize our contact form. We retain the right to make price adjustments on short notice in the event of significant changes in exchange rates.

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Recommended Activities & Courses

Cooking School

Immerse yourself in the exquisite culinary culture of Bali and learn about traditional cooking methods at the same time.



If the experience of diving with a rebreather has always piqued your interest, the opportunity to finally fulfill that desire has presented itself.