Dive Professional Training

Since the establishment of our company in 2007, we have cherished the desire to be able to offer diving training up to instructor levels. In 2014, this dream came true with the certification of Ricardo Thom as Instructor Trainer. During the construction of the Ocean Sun Dive Resort in 2014, we thereby paid attention to special details that would provide an optimal setting for professional training programs.

Today we can offer a high quality training for all training levels. For practicing theory presentations we have a specially equipped room, equipped with the latest multimedia technology. A pool designed for dive training and one of the best dive sites in the world offer the best conditions for your pool and open water lessons. At Ocean Sun Dive Resort or Ocean Sun Homestay, there is high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the resort to access all of SSI’s digital content. In addition, both facilities offer a tropical garden, which in combination with the Balinese atmosphere create a relaxing teaching environment.

The training team, led by experienced Instructor Trainer Ricardo, has many years of experience in professional training and has been able to complete many programs and issue professional certifications. With our many years of experience as an SSI training center, we are able to impart well-founded knowledge to you as a future dive professional in our teaching and subject-related lectures. With the same enthusiasm as at the beginning, the team will organize realistic simulations that will fully prepare you for your SSI exam and future career as a dive professional.

We are very proud that our good work and excellent ratings are recognized by SSI and we have been awarded the status of Diamond Instructor Training Center.

Dive Guide

750 pro Person
  • Dauer 6 Tage
  • Tauchgänge unlimited inklusive
  • Das Erreichen des ersten professionellen Levels bei SSI befähigt dich, zertifizierte Taucher unter Wasser zu begleiten, und ist ein entscheidender Moment in deiner Tauchkarriere.
Briefing in SSI Instructor Training Course at Ocean Sun Dive Resort

SSI Assistant Instructor

875 pro Person
  • Dauer 6 Tage
  • Diese Dive Professional Ausbildung zeigt euch die Techniken der Tauchausbildung in der Theorie, im Pool und im Freiwasser und ist ein wichtiger Schritt in Richtung Tauchlehrer.
Theory at SSI ITC at Ocean Sun Dive Resort in Bali

Open Water Instructor

1063 pro Person
  • Dauer 6 Tage
  • Die Open Water Instructor Ausbildung baut auf dem Assistant Instructor Programm auf und erweitert das Training auf die Ausbildung der Notaufstiege sowie den Stress&Rescue-, Nitrox-, Tarierung und Dive Guide Tauchkurs.

SSI Crossover

688 pro Person
  • Dauer 3 Tage
  • Digital Kit und Pro Registration inklusive
  • Der Kurs für alle Tauchlehrer von weltweit anerkannter Verbände, die ein SSI Tauchlehrer werden möchte, um vom SSI System und deren Vorteile zu profitieren.
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Dive Professional Packages

SSI Divemaster

875 pro Person
  • Dauer 8 Tage
  • Tauchgänge unlimited inklusive
  • Dive Master ist bei SSI eine Anerkennungsstufe, die ihr mit dem erfolgreichen Abschluss des Dive Guide Kurses und des Science of Diving Specialty erhaltet.
Debriefing Dive Professional Training

Complete ITC

2375 pro Person
  • Dauer 12 - 14 Tage
  • Der Instructor Training Kurs ist ein Komplettangebot aus dem Assistant Instructor und dem Open Water Scuba Instructor Kurs sowie der Tauchlehrer Prüfung durch SSI Indonesia.
Nitrox course in Bali

Specialty IT Bundle

480 pro Person
  • Dauer 2 Tage
  • 5 Specialty Instructor Ratings inklusive
  • Das Seminar bietet ein All-inclusive-Paket, das aus fünf Specialty Instructor Ratings besteht und deine Ausbildungsmöglichkeiten als Tauchlehrer erheblich verbessern wird.

Dive Pro career package

3500 pro Person
  • Dauer mindestens 30 Tage
  • Stress & Rescue, Dive Guide, Science of Diving, Assistant Instructor
    Open Water Instructor und SSI Evaluation
  • Das Tauchlehrer Karriere Paket bietet eine umfassende Sammlung von Schulungen und Zertifizierungen für angehende Tauchprofis, die ihr Ziel erreichen wollen, zertifizierter Tauchlehrer zu werden.

Frequently asked questions about professional diving training

We place our trust in Scuba Schools International for all of our dive training needs. With a history dating back to 1970, SSI has developed a reliable system that offers a variety of affordable and beneficial services for both us and our customers.

As our trusted partner, our collaboration with SSI means that you can expect a wealth of advantages. These include access to top-notch digital learning materials, a free digital logbook, and a certification that is recognized worldwide. We're thrilled to be able to offer you an array of diving courses that draw upon SSI's outstanding resources.

Not only is SSI recognized for its superior training services, but it is also highly regarded for its commitment to environmental protection and member support in times of crisis. It is this dedication that has helped to build SSI's stellar reputation among divers and members alike. Today, SSI boasts over 3,500 training centers and more than 100,000 SSI Professionals, and its services are available in over 40 languages across more than 150 countries.

As an active member of SSI, whether as a dive guide or diving instructor, you are firmly connected to a diving center. As an SSI Dive Professional, you will receive all the necessary equipment or training materials free of charge from your diving center or Scuba School International. There is no financial burden after completing your training successfully, allowing you to fully focus on your new areas of responsibility.

As an active member, you also gain access to the SSI app and all digital teaching materials of the SSI training system in multiple languages. SSI also provides all registered divers with a high-quality, complimentary digital logbook on the app. The app utilizes cutting-edge technology to easily locate dive sites, dives, and diving partners through QR codes. This not only simplifies the work of diving instructors but also captivates many customers.

At SSI, recognition and rewards take center stage. The experience gained from your role as a diving instructor or dive guide is converted into experience points, unlocking new levels of expertise. This points system not only offers enhanced recognition but also grants discounts on your annual membership fee. Lastly, it's worth mentioning the support that SSI provides to its members during times of crisis. They have already offered discounts of up to 50% on all membership fees and provided free programs to assist their members.

The SSI training system provides incredible flexibility when it comes to selecting training programs. This also applies to the first level of professional training within the system, known as the Dive Guide. As part of the Dive Guide program, participants receive focused training to safely and expertly guide certified divers underwater. Dive guide status can be obtained both as an active member to work in diving centers and as an inactive member to save on training costs. Anyone aspiring to become an SSI Divemaster must first complete the “Science of Diving” specialty course either before or after the dive guide training. Combining this specialty course with active dive guide status allows for achieving the prestigious “SSI Divemaster” recognition level.
At SSI, the diving guide's responsibilities are clearly defined and focused on accompanying certified divers on their underwater adventures and organizing everything necessary in advance. Therefore, the training aims to equip them with the necessary skills to effectively fulfill this specific role. If you have enough experience, the training can be completed in 6 days thanks to the well-structured curriculum. However, it is recommended that you also participate in an internship after the training to apply the knowledge you have gained in real-world conditions and gain valuable practical experience.
To become a certified diving instructor with SSI, you must complete an “Instructor Training Course” and successfully pass the “SSI Evaluation” conducted by SSI. Aspiring diving instructors must hold the rank of Divemaster with SSI or another globally recognized diving organization to qualify for participation in the Instructor Training Course. This comprehensive program includes two training courses: “Assistant Instructor” and “Open Water Instructor”, which can also be completed independently. The final stage of the diving instructor exam evaluates whether you possess the skills and expertise necessary to deliver exceptional diving training that meets SSI standards. We provide all levels of required training and manage the entire process for you. Our comprehensive packages offer reasonably priced options that cover all costs associated with achieving your desired certification level.
A diving school that trains and certifies diving instructors is known as an Instructor Training Center. Diving schools that consistently offer top-notch training and uphold strict standards are honored with SSI's Diamond Status. This highly sought-after recognition is given yearly and showcases the current quality level of the diving school. We are thrilled to have achieved this prestigious award for six consecutive years.