Stress and Rescue Diver Certification

Stress & Rescue

Divers who have completed the Stress and Rescue course highly praise this training as particularly advantageous. Many of them view it as one of the most significant experiences they have encountered during their diving education. We educate you on how to detect risks associated with diving, ensuring you are able to prevent them in a timely manner and respond appropriately in the rare event of an accident.

We conduct a variety of exercises in the swimming pool to demonstrate various challenges and their solutions both underwater and on land. In real-life open water scenarios, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your reaction to authentic situations. The Stress and Rescue course is a valuable addition for every diver. Not only will it enhance your diving skills, but it will also greatly enhance your confidence. Additionally, successful completion of the Stress and Rescue course is an essential requirement for pursuing the Dive Guide course and embarking on a successful diving career.




Diving Instructor



Stress & Rescue

288 per Person
  • Duration 3 days
  • 3 dives included
  • Through engagement in this course, you will attain the essential proficiencies to competently handle and prevent unforeseen circumstances by promptly identifying preliminary indicators of stress and implementing appropriate remedies.
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Stress & Rescue
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