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TRY SCR Horizon

The TRY SCR Horizon course allows you to experience diving with a rebreather. The excellent collaboration between Mares, Revo, and SSI enables us to offer a one-day program that explains how rebreathers work, their advantages and disadvantages, and how to prepare for a dive. The Mares Horizon SCR is a user-friendly semi-closed rebreather that utilizes Nitrox. It is designed for dives up to 40 meters deep and requires only twelve verified dives for testing.
After the theoretical portion of the course, we will train in the pool with initial exercises to familiarize ourselves with the equipment. Then, we will conduct a real-world dive using the rebreather at a depth of 12 meters. You will be amazed by the quietness and ease of breathing provided by this device, which we consider to be one of its most important benefits. The approximately 1.5-hour dive duration will also surprise you and enhance your Bali vacation with a unique diving experience.




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TRY SCR Horizon

100 pro Person
  • Dauer 1 Tag
  • 1 Tauchgang inklusive
  • Wenn du schon immer mal mit einem Rebreather tauchen wolltest, ist hier deine Chance.
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