SSI Night Diving Certification

Night Diving

Although some divers may initially have reservations about venturing into the water at night, those who dare to take the plunge are rewarded with an entirely new world of adventure and fascination. Unlike daytime dives, night dives uncover a plethora of nocturnal aquatic creatures that can only be discovered through nighttime exploration. In our specialized course called “Night Diving”, we provide two exciting night dives that guarantee unforgettable experiences while exploring the captivating underwater world after sunset. Our experienced diving instructors will introduce you to the most vital techniques for using diving torches and other essential equipment, ensuring your safety and confidence during diving. Participating in this course will not only enhance your skills as a diver but also boost your confidence and expertise in recreational diving, increasing your safety and competence.




Diving Instructor



Night Diving

175 per Person
  • Duration 2 evenings
  • 2 dives included
  • Exploring the underwater world at night is an activity that is easy to learn and highly popular with divers, providing a unique opportunity to explore a captivating array of nocturnal marine life.
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