SSI Search and Recovery Certification

Search and Recovery

The underwater search for items can be a thrilling experience, similar to a thrilling journey through a treasure hunt. Nevertheless, it is essential to adhere to certain safety procedures while engaging in this scuba activity. SSI Search and Recovery Specialty course is designed to equip divers with the necessary information and skills to execute search and recovery dives safely and effectively. During this course, you will gain a thorough understanding of how to use search patterns effectively, create dive plans, and use underwater communication techniques correctly. You will be trained in the use of special equipment, including lift bags, lines, and reels. This training course will help you strengthen your search and rescue skills and help you build confidence and proficiency in search strategies and dive team leadership.




Diving Instructor



Search and Recovery

175 per Person
  • Duration 1 day
  • 2 dives included
  • Gain all the essential skills, knowledge, and expertise to effectively plan and execute search and recovery dives, ensuring the successful retrieval of lost items.
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