Instructors become Open Water Scuba Instructor certification

SSI Crossover

If you are already a qualified Instructor or Divemaster from an internationally recognized diving organization and have the skills to train divers, the three-day SSI Crossover allows you to join the SSI family and become an active SSI Instructor.

The Dive Guide, Nitrox, Stress & Rescue, and Buoyancy to Perfection Instructor ratings are all included in this program. If you already possess specialty ratings from other globally recognized training organizations, they will be transferred to SSI free of charge. We will also take your current instructor level into consideration and ensure that you receive an equivalent SSI instructor level upon completion.

During the SSI Crossover, we will explain the SSI training system and its underlying philosophy. We will introduce you to various training programs and compare them with those of your previous organization. A crucial aspect of the training will involve presenting the SSI standards. In practice, we will review theory, presentations, and pool and open water training, adapting them to SSI standards. The SSI Crossover concludes with a final exam, after which you will be immediately authorized to conduct SSI courses.




Diving Instructor



SSI Crossover

688 per Person
  • Duration 3 days
  • Digital Kit and Pro Registration included
  • The course for all instructors from worldwide recognized associations who want to become an SSI Instructor to benefit from the SSI system and its advantages.

Our SSI Instructor Trainer

Ricardo Zertifikation Award
Ricardo Thom SSI Instructor Trainer

Ricardo Thom

SSI Instructor Trainer &
SCR Horizon Trainer
Instructor since 2007 with a focus on professional training programs and rebreather training at SCR Horizon. Languages: German and English
Ricardo SSI Award

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