SSI Wave, Tides and Currents Certification

Waves, Tides & Currents

The success and enjoyment of your underwater explorations can be greatly influenced by the currents that occur, which in turn depend on factors such as weather conditions and tides. Proper training in dealing with these factors can be incredibly beneficial for your safety in all water activities.
The Waves, Tides & Currents program, which offers comprehensive training and hands-on experience, will thoroughly prepare you for such situations. During the specialty course, our experienced instructors will guide you through two thrilling dives where you will encounter the power of the water up close and acquire valuable skills for exploring the underwater world. By carefully assessing the conditions, we can demonstrate the art of utilizing the currents to our advantage, skillfully drifting with them to make efficient progress. With numerous beach access points in Tulamben, we can also demonstrate the correct entry technique for diving from the beach in different wave conditions and ensure you have a safe and enjoyable diving experience.

Additional training focuses on surface marking and setting a buoy to attract attention after the dive, ensuring diver safety and visibility in open waters. The course concludes with a brief exam to assess your understanding of all aspects of the theory.




Diving Instructor



Waves, Tides & Currents

175 pro Person
  • Dauer 1 Tag
  • 2 Tauchgänge inklusive
  • Das Programm Waves, Tides & Currents (Wellen, Gezeiten und Strömungen) bietet ein umfassendes Training und praktische Erfahrungen, um die Teilnehmer/innen auf den Umgang mit Strömungen bei Unterwassererkundungen vorzubereiten.
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