Specialty Diver Certification

SSI Specialty Diver

The Specialty Diver is the second level of experience in the SSI training system and can be pursued after completing the Open Water Diver course. To achieve this recognition, you must successfully complete two SSI Specialty courses and complete at least twelve dives. With this package, we offer you two exciting SSI Specialty courses, where you have the freedom to choose from a wide range of options. We will then combine these courses into three thrilling dives to attain the Specialty Diver level. There are countless exciting combinations to choose from, with some recommended options including deep diving with Nitrox or wreck diving paired with a buoyancy course. Our team will gladly guide you in selecting the perfect course combination to enhance your training experience and achieve optimal results based on your preferences. Once we have successfully completed the specialty courses, you will receive an official SSI recognition card in digital form through your SSI app.




Diving Instructor



SSI Specialty Diver

263 pro Person
  • Dauer 2 Tage
  • 3 Tauchgänge inklusive
  • Nach dem erfolgreichen Abschluss von zwei Specialty Programmen erhältst du den Status des „Specialty Diver“ und erwirbst die zweite Erfahrungsstufe im SSI Ausbildungssystem.
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