SSI Decompression Diving Certification

Decompression Diving

Through the SSI specialty course “Decompression Diving,” you can exceed the bounds of no-decompression and prolong your deep dives. You’ll gain the necessary knowledge to plan dives to depths of 40 meters with limited decompression and execute necessary decompression stops. Your dive computer is a vital tool for this program, which we’ll use intensively, including functions like gas switching to ensure safe decompression dives. You’ll learn how to use the Diveplanner to create your necessary backup plan and prepare your stage tank. The Certification from SSI requires three dives: one with stage tank exercises, another simulating a decompression dive, and a final real decompression dive with a manually created decompression plan. To optimize your dive experience, an additional dive is included in our program that demonstrates the effectiveness of combining a dive computer with a manually created decompression plan.




Diving Instructor



Decompression Diving

262 per Person
  • Duration 2 days
  • including 4 dives
  • Master the skill of diving to greater depths by surpassing the no-decompression limit and efficiently devising and implementing decompression stops during your ascent to guarantee a secure resurfacing.
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