SSI Rescue Diver Bundle

SSI React Right
Stress and Rescue Diver Certification

Completion of a globally recognized first aid course is mandatory for participation in the SSI Stress & Rescue course and certification. The SSI React Right program is such a program, and provides the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver medical assistance and employ life-saving techniques during emergencies. When paired with the Stress & Rescue courses, it forms the SSI Rescue Dive Bundle, which enhances learning efficiency and ensures optimal learning outcomes.

The React Right course instructs on crucial life-saving techniques and imparts competence and responsibility in handling emergency situations. Our comprehensive program covers key first aid procedures such as chest compressions, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and oxygen administration. Building upon this foundation, the Stress & Rescue course emphasizes the identification of diving risks and the importance of timely response to avoid accidents. Through a variety of pool exercises, we simulate different problems and guide you through their respective solutions. In open water scenarios, you will have the opportunity to showcase your acquired skills by effectively responding to simulated emergency situations. Upon successfully passing both exams, you will be awarded digital certificates accessible through your SSI app.



The Trainer Team

Komang Ogix

I Nyoman Suirta Yasa

Assistant Instructor Trainer
Instructor since 2020 with a focus on beginner course programs, specialty training and professional training. Languages: Bahasa Indonesian and English
Ricardo Thom SSI Instructor Trainer

Ricardo Thom

Instructor Trainer
Instructor since 2007 with a focus on professional training programs and rebreather training at SCR Horizon. Languages: German and English
Komang Suartana SSI Open Water Instructor

Komang Suartana

Open Water Scuba Instructor
Instructor since 2024 with a focus on beginner training and assisting in professional training. Languages: Bahasa Indonesian and English

SSI Rescue Diver Bundle

357 per Person
  • Duration 4 days
  • 3 dives included
  • It makes perfect sense to merge these courses since successful completion of first aid training is a prerequisite for undertaking the Stress&Rescue course.
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