Beginner Diving Courses

Tulamben, situated in Bali, presents an ideal destination for those looking to commence their diving. This is due to its conducive conditions and an array of dive sites that cater to novices, providing ample opportunities to hone their skills.

From our base, the Liberty Wreck, Drop Off, and Coral Garden, all top dive sites, are easily accessible. To ensure a smooth descent and have full control over depth, our dives commence from the beach. The shallow area’s vast sandy patches provide a suitable milieu for essential open water exercises without disturbing marine life. Additionally, the 120-meter long Liberty Wreck presents a unique opportunity for those looking to enhance their open water course experience. Furthermore, the ‘Basic Diver’ program offers an excellent opportunity for hesitant divers to explore the intriguing wreck, albeit at a limited depth.

Bali’s Tulamben boasts favorable conditions year-round, rendering it the perfect milieu to enhance diving skills and uncover a host of aquatic marvels.

Diving course Open Water Diver

Open Water Course

325 per Person
  • Duration 3 days
  • including 4 dives
  • Upon completion of the OWD dive course, you will receive a globally popular and recognized certification to start your diving adventure.
Dive courses to learn diving here with Basic Diver in Ocean Sun Dive resort

Basic Diver

57 per Person
  • Duration 1 day
  • 1 dive included
  • If you are looking for a special experience and are curious about diving, this one-day diving course is the perfect solution. Before committing to a regular scuba diving course, you can explore scuba diving and see if it's right for you.
Diving courses for children in SSI Explorer

SSI Explorer

282 per Person
  • Duration 3 days
  • including 4 dives
  • The SSI Explorers program provides children from the age of 6 with the opportunity to explore the unique underwater world with a snorkel. The chance to gain experience in diving to a depth of 3 meters can be gained from the age of 8 in a special diving course.
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Course Packages

Theory meets practice. Explanation of the equipment at the pool at Ocean Sun Dive Resort

Open Water Course + Nitrox EAN40

388 per Person
  • Duration 4 days
  • 5 dives included
  • The Open Water Diver course can easily be combined with Enriched Air Nitrox 40 Specialty.
A perfect view of the upper deck of the Boga wreck in Kubu on Bali

Open Water Course + Advanced Adventurer

570 per Person
  • Duration 5 days
  • 9 dives included
  • With this combination you will learn to dive, gain valuable experience and after completion you will be allowed to dive up to 30 meters.

Frequently asked questions about beginner diving courses

We place our trust in Scuba Schools International for all of our dive training needs. With a history dating back to 1970, SSI has developed a reliable system that offers a variety of affordable and beneficial services for both us and our customers.

As our trusted partner, our collaboration with SSI means that you can expect a wealth of advantages. These include access to top-notch digital learning materials, a free digital logbook, and a certification that is recognized worldwide. We're thrilled to be able to offer you an array of diving courses that draw upon SSI's outstanding resources.

Not only is SSI recognized for its superior training services, but it is also highly regarded for its commitment to environmental protection and member support in times of crisis. It is this dedication that has helped to build SSI's stellar reputation among divers and members alike. Today, SSI boasts over 3,500 training centers and more than 100,000 SSI Professionals, and its services are available in over 40 languages across more than 150 countries.

At our diving school, a team of three dedicated instructors work tirelessly to ensure our students have the best possible experience. We pride ourselves on offering maximum flexibility and comfort, which means that inquiries for our Open Water Diver course are always welcome, regardless of there are fixed course dates. So, feel free to get in touch at any time and start your diving journey with us today.

Our training philosophy centers around providing personalized instruction tailored to the unique requirements of each student. We accomplish this by maintaining small groups, with a maximum of two students per instructor. In the event that there are more than four students in a group, we have additional experienced divers available on-site to oversee the essential aspects of the training.

If you experience illness or other issues that prevent you from finishing the Open Water Diver program, we have several options available depending on your progress. The Open Water course is divided into different training units, and SSI provides alternative certifications related to each of these units. You can earn the Basic Diver certification by finishing the initial pool training and one dive, or the Scuba Diver certification by completing half of the Open Water course. If you complete the pool training and course theory, you'll receive the Referral Diver certification. Any of these partial certifications can be upgraded to Open Water at any SSI Dive Center by completing the necessary training units.

If you're curious about diving but uncertain about its suitability, the Basic Diver program provides an excellent opportunity to give it a try. Once you've completed the program, instead of earning a diving certificate, you'll be issued a recognition card that is valid for six months. This card entitles you to engage in further dives, under professional guidance, to a depth of 12 meters.

The Basic Diver program provides training that's equivalent to the first modules of the Open Water course, and this is duly acknowledged. Therefore, you can choose to complete the remainder of your Open Water Diver course within six months, at an SSI dive center, without having to repeat any sections. A reputable dive center would offer you a discounted price for the Open Water course. It's important to note that the Basic Diver course alone is not sufficient to participate in diving activities worldwide. For a lifetime certification, you must complete the Open Water Diver course.

SSI and PADI are two preeminent training organizations in the realm of diving. Both of these organizations provide certifications and courses that are recognized globally. Despite offering similar services, the two entities diverge in their internal systems and training philosophies. For instance, SSI's instructors are unable to conduct independent training but rather work under the employment of diving centers and receive training materials free of charge from SSI and its affiliated training center. In contrast, PADI permits diving instructors to work as freelancers as long as they purchase the learning materials from PADI. Furthermore, the two organizations differ in their methods of further training beyond the Open Water course, with PADI following a prescribed path while SSI offers a more flexible training system that empowers divers to make their own choices. Notwithstanding the similarity in course structures, the most important aspects of any diving course are the quality of the instructor and training center. Consequently, it is of no consequence which training organization a diving enthusiast chooses as long as they are content with the instructor and training center that meet their expectations.

You are not obligated to adhere to the SSI training program for your continue eductaion. Once you obtain your Open Water Diver certification from SSI, you are at liberty to seek advanced diver or dive professional training from other reputable organizations globally. A few examples of such organizations are PADI, Cmas, NAUI, and Raid.

It is indeed possible to incorporate a wreck dive to the Liberty in the third training session of the Open Water course. The Liberty Wreck presents itself as one of the rare wrecks of its size that boasts ideal diving conditions for divers of any level of expertise. Situated a mere 50 meters from the beach, this wreck holds immense appeal due to its warm water temperatures and good visibility.

Not only is the Liberty Wreck an easily explorable site, it also sits at an optimal depth of 3 to 27 meters, catering to recreational divers. This exclusive chance to embark on a breathtaking adventure by diving into the Liberty Wreck during an open water course is a privilege like no other. Additionally, it is possible to delve into the ancient cargo hold of the wreck without breaching any safety or training protocols of the course. The unforgettable memory of this adventure will mark a remarkable beginning to your diving career.