Diving Packages for Bali

We offer dive packages that include bungalow accommodation and corresponding dives on this page. Booking these packages is easy through our user-friendly booking system. However, please be aware that the prices listed here are the most economical option and are based on accommodation in a homestay bungalow and the use of your own diving equipment. To inquire about the prices for resort accommodation or equipment rental, please contact us using our online form. Like all of the offers on our website, we can personalize your dive package to suit your specific needs. Simply send us your travel details and ideas via the contact form and we will promptly create a customized offer for you.

Diver diving


Short-Trip Diving Package starts from
240 per person
  • Bungalow Homestay 4 days/3 nights
  • 6 dives included
  • Airport transfer
After booking the dive packages, divers are ready for their descent.


1 week diving package starts from
422 per person
  • Bungalow Homestay 8 days/7 nights
  • 12 dives included
  • Airport transfer
Happy diver in Tulamben


2 week diving package starts from
743 per person
  • Bungalow Homestay 15 days/14 nights
  • 22 dives included
  • including one daytrip on Bali
  • Airport transfer
SCR Horizon divers in Tulamben


3 week diving package starts from
1329 per person
  • Bungalow Homestay 22 days/21 nights
  • 36 dives included
  • Diving tours Manta Point & Amed
  • 2 daytrips on Bali
  • Airport transfer

Frequently asked questions about the diving packages

With its exceptional diving opportunities available throughout the year, Bali serves as the perfect location for our base to operate on a year-round basis. The advantages of diving in Bali throughout the year are evident, but our top recommendation lies within the period of May and June, specifically in Tulamben. In this season, the landscape transforms into a vivid green hue as a result of the bountiful rainy season. The diving conditions tend to be consistently excellent during this time. The climate maintains a pleasant temperature without becoming excessively warm.

Our packages have been thoughtfully crafted to provide you with the chance to discover an array of dive sites in and around Tulamben. his includes the cost of a local boat or our dive bus to take you to explore dive sites in neighboring bays, which means you won't be restricted to only three shore dives in Tulamben. In addition to this, our larger packages provide an even more extensive experience with day trips to Amed or Manta Point.
In this particular situation, the cost of the diving package varies and is comparatively cheaper. The pricing for the bungalows is based on the accommodation price for two individuals staying in the bungalows. Those uninterested in diving are only required to pay for breakfast and other activities. The diving expeditions, which are a part of the diving package, are not encompassed in this arrangement, thereby greatly reducing the total cost of the package.

The diving packages displayed on this page solely consist of diving tanks and weights. Should you desire to rent any additional equipment, you may request the relevant diving packages by utilizing the contact form.

When you book a bungalow with us, you will receive a diving package that includes Nitrox with a concentration of up to 32% (EAN32). To benefit from this offer, you must hold a certification from a recognized training organization for diving with Nitrox.

Our dive packages in the Tulamben area offer independent diving for buddy teams, but we do have certain requirements. These include having a minimum of 24 verified dives and certification in specialty or advanced courses from a recognized dive training organization. Additionally, each member of the buddy team must have their own dive computer. For first-time visitors with us, we request doing the initial dive with a guide to become acquainted with our procedures.

Solo dives are permitted provided that divers possess certification from a recognized dive training organization and adhere to safety protocols. Additional diving equipment tailored for solo diving is mandated to ensure diver safety. Herefore, we also provide S40 stage tanks on site for those undertaking solo dives.