Dive Professional

Dive guide preparing a dive in the bay of Tulamben

Enriched Air Nitrox

690 per person
  • Duration 6 days
  • unlimited dives included
  • The first professional level with SSI allows you to lead certified divers underwater and is the first important step in your career in the diving business.
Briefing in SSI Instructor Training Course at Ocean Sun Dive Resort

Assistant Instructor

890 per person
  • Duration 6 days
  • Digital Kit and Pro Registration included
  • The training shows you the techniques of diving education in theory, in the pool and in the open water and is an important step towards becoming a diving instructor.
Theory at SSI ITC at Ocean Sun Dive Resort in Bali

OWS Instuctor

990 per person
  • Duration 6 days
  • Digital Kit and Pro Registration included
  • These dive professional training builds on the Assistant Instructor program and expands the training to include emergency ascent training as well as the Stress&Rescue, Nitrox, Buoyancy and Dive Guide diving courses.
Diver on a Jukung in Tulamben on Bali


720 per person
  • Duration 4 days
  • Digital Kit and Pro Registration included
  • The course for all instructors from worldwide recognized associations who want to become an SSI Instructor to benefit from the SSI system and its advantages.

Dive Pro Bundles

Professional looking relaxed diver

Dive Master

775 per person
  • Duration 8 days
  • unlimited dives included
  • Dive Master is a level of recognition at SSI that you receive upon successful completion of the Dive Guide course and the Science of Diving Specialty.
Debriefing Dive Professional Training

Complete ITC

2290 per person
  • Duration 12 - 14 days
  • Digital Kit and Pro Registration included
  • Assistant Instructor & Open Water Scuba Instructor
  • Stress&Rescue, Nitrox, buoyancy and dive guide included
  • SSI Evaluation included
  • The Instructor Training Course is a complete package of the Assistant Instructor and the Open Water Scuba Instructor Course and the Instructor Examination by SSI Indonesia.
Pool Training Dive Professional Training at Diamond Instructor Training Center

Career package

2890 per person
  • Duration 30 days
  • Digital Kit and Pro Registration included
  • Dive Guide & Science of Diving included
  • Completele ITC inclusive
  • SSI Evaluation included
  • The Career Bundle is a comprehensive package of dive professional training and certifications that you will need to realize your dream of becoming a scuba instructor.
Nitrox course in Bali

Specialty Instructor

480 per person
  • Duration 2 days
  • 5 Specialty Instructor Ratings included
  • A seminar as a package with 5 specialties which you can train as a diving instructor after successful completion.