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Our SSI dive centre

Dive into the fascinating underwater world of Bali and experience a top-class diving vacation. In the conversant and family-run Ocean Sun Dive Resort, we will take care for you individually so you can fully enjoy your well earned vacation. Our employees are always available to help you and will give you valuable tips and tricks so that you can enjoy your diving holiday to the fullestest. Dive with us and you will be as thrilled as our numerous regular guests.

The dive center is on the resort premises and is centrally located in Tulamben. So you will reach all dive sites in Tulamben comfortably on foot, this also make it possible to plan your dives very flexible. Carrying the equipment is done by helpers from the village. Twelve liter aluminum cylinders with DIN- or INT-valves are available in the diving center. For divers with a larger air consumption there are three 15 liter tanks provided BCDs in different sizes und regulators of the brand Scubapro are for rent. Our wet suits are available in long and short versions, consisting of three millimeter thick neoprene. ABC equipment, u/w torches, dive computers, u/w compasses and further equipment are also for rent. We mix Nitrox for recreational divers up to 40%. You will find also a spacious wet area with three sinks, and sanitary facilities with toilet and showers. There will be enough space for you and your equipment in the dive center. Our opening hours are from seven in the morning until usually four in the afternoon. Of course, our opening hours will shift if you want to leave earlier for an early morning dive or later for a night dive.

Diving Prices

Daily guided dives

Guided Dives in Tulamben Price More information
1 dive a day 16 Euro Available dive sites - Liberty Wreck ★ Coral Garden ★ Drop Off
2 dives a day 30 Euro Available dive sites - Liberty Wreck ★ Coral Garden ★ Drop Off
3 dives a day 42 Euro Available dive sites - Liberty Wreck ★ Coral Garden ★ Drop Off
Prices include tank, weights, guide and local taxes.
Additional costs
Rental Equipment per day 18 Euro Mask, BCD, regulator, fins, wetsuit 3mm
Local boat per dive 11 Euro extended dive areas - Alamanda ★ Batu Kelebit ★ Emerald
Van per day 8 Euro extended dive areas - Boga Wrack ★ Seraya ★ Amed
Nitrox up to 32% per tank 2.50 Euro Richer Nitrox mixtures on request
Night DIve per dive 10 Euro
u/w torch included
Diving Computer per day 8 Euro Suunto Zoop or similar Nitrox capable
Nudi diving in Bali

5 dives package

  • 2 days
  • Rental Equipment included
  • Dive Guide included
Pygmy diving in Bali

7 dives package

  • 3 days
  • Rental Equipment included
  • Dive Guide included
Gobi diving in Bali

10 dives package

  • 4 days
  • Rental Equipment included
  • Dive Guide included
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