Basic Diver

The Basic Diver program is designed to introduce you to the basics of scuba diving. In a one-day carefully designed training you will receive the necessary basic theoretical knowledge and practical skills. In the first part we’ll get to know our equipment and breath the first time under water. We will explain the rules and practice techniques needed for a safe and enjoyable dive. After you have reached a certain level of safety and comfort in the pool, we venture into the sea to start your first dive. Once you have completed the Basic Diver certificate, you are welcome to do additional dives or continue your training in the Open Water course.

Recommended duration 1 Day
Minimum age 10 years
Maximum depth 12 meters
Required open water training 1 dive
Price 55 Euro
Our billing and reservation system is based on the Indonesian currency, the rupiah. All prices on our website are in euros to facilitate understanding. Additionally, we have installed a currency converter on all pages where prices are given. Due to exchange rate fluctuations, slight price differences may occur.
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