SSI Advanced Open Water Diver

SSI’s Advanced Open Water Level is a recognition from SSI that is earned after completing 4 specialty programs as well as verifying 24 dives. By achieving this level of recognition, your diving abilities will be enhanced, placing you among the ranks of the more experienced divers. We are excited to offer an exclusive dive course package here. With this package, you can customize your experience by selecting four specialties that will be integrated in a series of seven dives. This will provide you with a personalized course program that is tailored to your specific needs and interest. Once you have completed the specialty programs and verified 24 dives, you can look forward to unlocking the Advanced Open Water Diver as a third level of experience and automatically receiving the digital certification in the SS app.

Recommended duration 4 days
Minimum age 10 years
Maximum depth 40 Meter
Open water training 7 to 8 Dives
Price 470 Euro
Our billing and reservation system is based on the Indonesian currency, the rupiah. All prices on our website are in euros to facilitate understanding. Additionally, we have installed a currency converter on all pages where prices are given. Due to exchange rate fluctuations, slight price differences may occur.
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