Tours Java

Java is the larger neighboring island of Bali.With the capital of Jakarta, it is considered as the most influential island of Indonesia. With over 1000 inhabitants per square kilometer, the population density is one of the highest in the world. Scenically, Java offers an enormous variety of jungles, savannas, mangrove swamps, a series of active volcanoes and crater lakes. Many temples witness  a varied cultural history in Java. The most significant are the Buddhist temple of Borobudur and the Hindu temple of Prambanan.

We mainly offer destinations in the east of Java. These are easy to reach from Bali, but are associated with a long drive. Tourism in Java is not comparable to Bali. In some places you should not put too high demands on quality and service. But it’s worth it and you can expect unique experiences on our Java tours. Be it in relation to the landscapes, the people living here or the culture in Java.

Some destinations in east and middle Java