Dive Center

SSI Dive Center 

Our SSI Dive Center offers you high quality service and the perfect base for a relaxed and safe diving holiday in Bali.

SSI Dive Training Center

Our diving school is characterized by individual training in small groups. The course is based on the needs of the student, and we guarantee successful courses and fun.

SSI Instructor Training Center

Since 2014 we have offered Instructor Training courses, crossover programs or specialty seminars in the resort. The professional education gives you the chance to turn your hobby into a profession.

Dive Center Crew

Instructor Team
Our competent instructor team can offer you a variety of different courses. From beginner levels till professional levels are available.

Dive Guide Crew
Experienced guides with thousands of dives and an eye for the special ...

Dive Center Crew
Our diving base crew ensures smooth processes

Dive Center Awards

Diamond Dive Center
The SSI Diamond Award honors SSI Dive Center for their professionalism and exemplary performance. These partners offer a top service, exclusive products and great activities around the diving sport.

This resort has signed an agreement and is therefore a member of the SSI International Membership Program. All members of this program have adequate liability insurance.

SSI Instructor Training Center must meet at least all requirements for a Dive Center or Dive Resort. In addition, Instructor Training Center offers training and career opportunities for SSI Dive Professionals.