With the new visa it is now possible to enter Bali. We know that a long-distance trip can be very exhausting in these difficult times and that many of you will not have the opportunity to come to us in Bali. Nevertheless, we would like to offer a special package here and hope that some of you have the chance to use it and that we can finally go back to our work.

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The Offer

We offer one month of stay and diving in the Ocean Sun Dive Resort for 1600 euros / per person 

  • Bungalow with breakfast
  • free WiFi
  • Airport Transfer
  • Diving unlimited (Sjore entrances)
  • Diveguide 
  • Nitrox
  • Cost and organization for the Visa 

The diving package includes all beach entrances in Tulamben and the surrounding dive sites such as Seraya and Kubu. There are additional costs for using the local boats or transfers to Amed or Candi Dasa.

The Visa

The visa is a new so-called e-visa and will applied and confirmed online. The Indonesian authorities needs 14 days of processing. The following documents are required

  • Passport valid for at least 12 months
  • active health and travel insurance
  • Health certificate with a “Fit to Fly” Letter
  • Account statement with a credit balance of at least 8500 euros or 10 000 USD
  • Copy of the flight ticket
  • Negative swab test not older than 7 days on arrival in Bali
  • Sponsor letter 

In the case of quarantine, the statements are still contradicting at the moment, but it suggests that this is not necessary. The international airport is scheduled to open on December 1st and special health protocols are planned to avoid quarantine. The situation here changes very quickly and we will inform you as soon as possible of any changes.

The current situation in Bali

We have hardly any restrictions at the moment and the situation has stabilized. There are an average of 50 to 100 new infections per day in Bali. We are not aware of any overloading of the hospitals. Wearing the mask is mandatory outside of our home and can be fined with 100,000 Rp if you do not wear it. All tourist destinations in Bali are open and follow the new health protocols. Hotels must meet special requirements in order to receive a new certificate  to be allowed to resume hotel operations. So far everything goes normal and nothing against the diving vacation in this area.

Tips and recommendations

If you are interested, please book a flexible ticket which you can cancel. Under certain circumstances the visa can also be refused by the authorities and we unfortunately have no influence. As far as we know, Quartar and Turkish Airline are currently flying to Jakarta. With the opening of (hopefully) the international airport in Bali, the offer is likely to expand too.

There is a mandatory quarantine procedure in the event of an infection in Bali and you have to stay in a hospital for 14 days in this case.

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