Dive Sites of Bali

Bali is a popular destination for fans of underwater sports. The different dive sites offer a wide range of experiences and make diving in Bali a unique experience. Bali benefits mainly from its favorable location next to the deep Lombok Strait, which offers a wide range of aquatic life.

Most dive sites are suitable for all levels of experience, but there are some dive sites especially at Nusa Penida and Candi Dasa that only will be recommended for experienced divers. Due to the enormous water movement of the Lombok Strait, currents can occur in these places. But experienced divers also know about the abundance of fish that these currents can bring. It is almost impossible to escape the manta rays at Nusa Penida and moon fish are also spotted frequently, enabling unique dives.

Other dive sites are very popular to photographers, as they offer a huge variety of species and critters and allow exceptional shots, especially for macro. In the area of Tulamben and Amed, the conditions are mostly ideal for this type of diving. Compare to other internationally well-known dive areas the diving here is affordable because your can start your dives right away from the shore. Here are some of Bali’s most popular and well-known dive sites, making the diving area around Tulamben and Amed a favorite destination for divers and snorkelers.

Thanks to the numerous areas to choose from and good logistical coverage, divers and snorkelers have a wide variety of travel options in Bali. Some divers choose to spend the entire vacation at the dive site of their choice, while others opt for a round trip to see as many dive sites as possible. Whatever your choice might be – Bali is a vacation that will be remembered even after years and will be talked about again and again.


Nusa Penida

Candi Dasa