SSI Specialty Instructor Certification

SSI Specialty Instructor Package

The SSI Specialty program enables instructors to go futher professionalwise and become indispensable members of a dive center. It is also an opportunity for show your returning customers new and exciting diving activities and expand their skills and knowledge. Qualifying to become a Specialty Instructor is easy and can be done after successful completion of Assistant Instructor Training or Instructor Training through co-teaching, proof of experience or seminar. Within this package you will receive 5 Instructor Specialty Ratings at a discounted price of 3. You can choose freely between all the specialties offered and we will discuss and explain them in more detail in a 2-day seminar. Upon successful completion, you will immediately receive your certification, which will allow you to immediately start working in your new field of activity.

Recommended duration 2 days
Minimum age 18 years
Maximum depth 40 Meter
minimum requirement SSI Open Water Instructor
Price 480 Euro
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