Open Water Scuba Instructor

SSI Open Water Scuba Instructor certification is an important career milestone for dive professionals, as it allows them to teach new divers the basics and introduce them to the wonderful underwater world. The course builds on the comprehension of the Assistant Instructor course and perfects the skills and knowledge of theory presentations, pool and open water training. The training is therefore very similar to the Assistant Instructor Training. You will receive additional training for the specialties Nitrox, Stress&Rescue, Perfect Buoyancy as well as the Dive Guide Program and you will be allowed to train and certify these courses after successful completion. The final examination lasts two days and is conducted by SSI Indonesia. You must use the knowledge and skills you have acquired to prove that you can provide your future students a safe and high-class education. With successful certification, you will have the qualification required to teach your first students, paving the way for you to begin your career as an Open Water Scuba Instructor.

Recommended duration 6 days
Minimum age 18 years
Maximum depth 40 Meter
minimum requirement 100 verified dives
Price 990 Euro
Our billing and reservation system is based on the Indonesian currency, the rupiah. All prices on our website are in euros to facilitate understanding. Additionally, we have installed a currency converter on all pages where prices are given. Due to exchange rate fluctuations, slight price differences may occur.
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