The best dive sites at Amed in Bali

Amed is located on Bali’s east coast and is a great location for spectacular diving. We reach the first dive sites after a short drive from Tulamben. Amed marks a 30-kilometer coastal road that leads around the eastern corner of Bali to the district capital Amplapura.Compared to the main tourist destinations in the South this area appears wonderfully traditional.

It is not a main road and the entire area is traditionally Balinese compared to the main tourist centers in the south. The area offers beautiful beaches, cliffs with unforgettable views and varied dive sites. Underwater there are steep walls, coral gardens, artificial reefs and macro places to discover. In the right places currents allow for great drift dives, in other places there are quiet bays. Thus, Amed offers divers of all experience levels great and unforgettable dives.

Location of the dive side around Amed in Bali

Gili Selang

Corals at Gili Selang BaliGili Selang in Amed, Bali

Gili Selang is a small island located directly in front of Bali’s east coast and marks the main island’s easternmost point. We reach this destination in 40 minutes by car followed by a short boat trip with a small traditional Balinese boat. The journey along the coastal road of Amed is an amazing experience itself with its unique mixture of Balinese flair, stunning beaches and cliffs with breathtaking views.

We will enter the water from the boat, close to the island where we are protected from the currents. From the surface you can already spot the dense coral growth. And this is just the beginning.We will slowly start descending to eight meters depths. Surrounded by an unrivaled variety of coral species we will remain at this shallow depth. With a bit of luck we will encounter reef sharks resting between the coral blocks and sometimes turtles cross our path.After a while we reach big coral fields. This type of coral covers large areas here and provides millions of small anthias protection from predators. The light of the sun makes them shimmer in different colors and offers us an unforgettable diving experience. We fly well balanced over these colorful coral fields which gives us a unique spectacle.

Nudi at Gili Selang Bali

In good conditions, we then follow a gentle current and reach a large sandy area. Here we go deeper to look for pygmy seahorses in the red and yellow gorgonians. The second half of the dive is as equally breathtaking as the first half. Thereforewe will end the dive at the other side of the bay, stunned by the fascinating underwater world we have just experienced. The shallow depths here allow for longer dive duration. This dive site provides great conditions suitable for every level of diving experience. The coral growth is enormous and in our opinion the best that Bali has to offer underwater.

Japanese Wreck

Japanese Wreck Amed in BaliJapanese Wreck in Amed, Bali

The name of the dive site refers to a small wreck resting in the shallow water. It sank right near the beach during a strong storm. We reach the Japanese wreck in 40 minutes by car from Tulamben.

The entrance is at the beach and can be challenging due to the partially large stones. At the wreck we start the dive and turn towards the open sea. Here we will find a cliff covered with beautiful Gorgonian sea fans in different colors. Plenty of barrel sponges grow in this area. The cliff is covered with fascinating corals down to a depth of 40 meters. Often we find different species of nudibranchs, scorpionfish and turtles.

Leaf Scorpion Fish Bali

On the way back we stop at the small wreck which lies between three and eight meters. It is decaying but offers many surprises. The benefit of low air consumption in shallow water is helping us to look through the entire wreckage while young batfish curiously inspect at us. Often we find leafy fish in different colors, many colorful nudibranchs, frogfish and ghost pipefish. Currents can occur at the reef and make diving in this area more challenging. The wreck is protected from currents in the bay, and the dive site is suitable for all levels of diving experience. As the wreck is located in a shallow depth, this site also offers perfect conditions for snorkelers.



Pyramids in Jemeluk BaliJemeluk Bay in Amed, Bali

Jemeluk is a small bay with a beautiful black sand beach. A cliff marks the one side of the bay and offers breathtaking views over Jemeluk. If you have enough time, wait for the sunset, which provides a unique natural spectacle. We can reach this place by car in 20 minutes’ drive.

The bay offers three possible dive sites. The first site is reached with a small Balinese wooden boat. Here, countless small stone pyramids are located at a depth between 12 and 30 meters. These artificial reefs are overgrown with various types of coral and are an ideal shelter for local marine life. We often have a pleasant light current in direction of the bay. Relaxed, we use these and dive from pyramid to pyramid. The sandy areas offer photographers ideal conditions to position themselves for the perfect photo.

The second site offers a drop off and a healthy stock of corals. A variety of colorful gorgonians invites us to look for pygmy seahorses. The wall descends down 45 meters depth, and current is possible. Turtles and reef sharks occasionally meet in both places. Other surprises such as frogfish, great moray eels or Napoleon fish await discovery.

Jukung traditional wooden boat Bali use for dive trip

The third site is a dive from the beach and offers a large sandy area on one side. Many artificial reefs like stone pyramids or piles of tires were placed here in the past. There is no current in the bay and photographers find ideal conditions for their hobby. We explore the artificial reefs where different species of nudibranchs, frogfish and ghost pipefish can be discovering. The sandy area is also home to stone fish that are well camouflaged in the sand lurking for prey. The other side of the bay is covered with different corals up to one meter depth. Additionally, there are almost no currents occurring on this dive site making it ideal for inexperienced divers and snorkelers.